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Haiti a Failed Economy – Fact or Fiction?

In the eyes of many countries in the world, Haiti is mostly known for its music and culture. The rhythm of their music is Zouk of African origins and it’s very captivating. They speak French and Creole which is a mix of French and some local dialect. Another well-known fact about Haiti is its disturbing past and present.

The country has never known a peaceful period of its history as a nation, although it is the first country of African origin descendants to ever gain independence from France. Many countries have invaded and attempted to occupy it. All efforts failed.

One of the sad moments of the history of this small country is the physical death of its young president, by a mix of foreigners and local conspirators. The real cause of this conspiracy is not known but the international media emphasized that drug cartels somehow were involved.

Another terrible event that was widely publicized was the earthquake that caught everyone by surprise, just a few years ago. Thousands of people lost everything they had. We saw many countries donating scarce food and water supplies to the survivors who had no place to go and nothing to eat or drink.

In the eyes of an innocent bystander, the Haitians are the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, if not in the world. They’re constantly deprived of a normal lifestyle as if they’re international beggars.

Much of the mainstream media reports that the country is run by drug lords. It all seems to be true and make sense, until you stop and read about the true Haitian Story, which is very similar to the story of African countries.

Then you start to see that a different picture starts to emerge which contradicts everything you know about Haiti. Let’s embark on a short adventure to know a bit more about the real Haiti.

It’s a very beautiful country with some of the most beautiful beaches and landscape in the Caribbean Islands. It’s part of the former Espanhola Island, totally governed and controlled by blacks. It’s so beautiful that it could live from tourism alone, just as much as on the northern part of the Island in the Dominican Republic.

The true story is that Haiti would have been one of the most advanced economies in the world had it not been the fact that a stable Haiti would have benefited a black owned country, which would have encouraged others in Africa to follow their footsteps. On the outset, it would have embarrassed their former colonial masters. Let’s check some facts. Does it make sense that a country with so many natural resources with a small population be so poor as is Haiti today?

This is a list of their natural resources: copper, gold, manganese, silver, aluminum, iron, ferrosilicon, zinc, iridium, lead, osmium, platinum.

Let’s take iridium as an example. Between 2020 and 2021 the average price of iridium was about $2,550 per ounce. Haiti’s coffers should be flush with money. So if the money is not benefiting the Haitians who is benefiting? Can we imagine how life in Haiti would look like if they could collect and manage all the money from all their commodities?

Who has Haiti’s gold? Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, France, Spain, Portugal and many others do not have those natural resources and yet they’re developed economies. So, does it make sense for Haiti to be so poor? The truth is that someone is taking advantage of this small country.

We haven’t even mentioned that Haiti has a large reserve of natural oil and gas. That alone would be enough to cover all Haiti’s expenses. In fact, they would have been In a position to lend money to creditors all around the world.

After all, Haitians can afford to live a better life, if only they could receive and benefit from the proceeds of their natural reserves sitting in foreign banks owned by someone else but Haitians.

It is too much coincidence that all former French colonies are mostly poor, and Haiti is not an exception. Therefore, enough is enough of looking at Haitians as the problem, when in fact they hold the key to better life in Haiti. Let’s stop the chaos in Haiti and let them enjoy their God given wealth.

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